Agendas and Minutes

The next meeting of the WNPPG is to be on 7th May 2019, the agendas and minutes from each meeting can be accessed below:

11Sep2017        Agenda      Minutes

3Oct2017 .       Agenda       Minutes

30Oct2017 .     Agenda      Minutes

4Dec2017 .       Agenda      Minutes

29Jan2018 .     Agenda     Minutes

19Apr2018 .     Agenda     Minutes

10May2018     Agenda      Minutes

12Jun2018 .    Agenda      Minutes

6Sep2018 .     Agenda       Minutes

17Dec2018 .    Agenda      Minutes

27Feb2019 .    Agenda     Minutes

7May2019 .      Agenda     Minutes

3June2019 .    Agenda

NOTE: Draft Consultation Documents relating to the 4Dec2017 meeting are available through the Documents page.

Prior to the WNPPG being formally convened the WPC, the Governance Committee and a small working group met on a number of occasions to gather information, to make the initial decisions, and to set up the basic infrastructure to allow the WNPPG to start the formal process with the community. A summary of these meetings can be viewed here.

A short presentation given to the Governance committee meeting on 11 Sep 17 is here.