There are two consultation documents that have been produced by the consultants helping with the WNP. These are very much DRAFT documents that have been produced to promote discussion at local level with the aim of producing a Warmington specific Issues and Options document that will be the basis of a parish wide consultation in early 2018.

  • Planning Policy Assessment and Evidence Base Review
    • this is a summary of other plans and policies that provide the policy structure and evidence base within which the WNP has to be formed
  • Issues and Options
    • this is a draft/template for a consultation document intended to find out the opinions of the community with respect to the issues specific to Warmington that could form the basis for writing the WNP

2011 Census Report
This document has been produced by our consultants and is a report of the 2011 Census for Warmington which gives an insight into the demographics of the Parish, it is available here.

Project Plan
The latest version of the WNP Project Plan is here.


This is a collection of documents that might be relevant to the WNP. The relevant parts of many of these are included in the Policy Assessment above, they can be accessed here.

Some of these may fall outside the scope of the WNP as it progresses but others may be very important in informing the policies that will form the WNP.


Terms of Reference are here.

Agendas and Minutes for the WNPPG are here.