Launch Event

Over the weekend of 7/8th October an opening ‘Launch Event’ was held in the church. This was promoted by a leaflet drop to every house in the Neighbourhood Plan Area, by notices placed around the village, on this website and on the village Facebook pages.

Over 160 people attended over the two days from most areas of the village and some from further afield.

Area Attendees
Acremead 3
Bevan Close 3
Big Green 18
Bosworth Close 2
Broadgate Way 8
Buntings Lane 11
Chapel Street 8
Church Lane 2
Church Street 26
Dexter Way 13
Drapers Close 4
Eaglethorpe 1
Hautboy Lane 3
Little Green 8
Long Lane 1
Orchard Close 4
Pierce Crescent 13
School Lane 4
Short Close 3
Spinney Close 4
St Marys Lane 5
Stamford Lane 7
Tansor Wold 2
Taylors Green 5
Nassington 1
Other 2
 TOTAL 161

Comments were made in the form of ‘Post-it’ notes with the five main topics being:

  • The largest and in many cases most fervent responses were in favour of affordable/social housing, with many suggesting this should be earmarked for locals.
  • After social housing the most heartfelt responses were on two topics:
    • the retention of Warmington’s green spaces of all sorts 
    • that gravel extraction on the meadowland towards Fotheringhay should be resisted. Feelings were very strong on this.
  • A substantial number of people wished to see the retention of the village’s current character.
  • Opinion was divided about whether infill was desirable, or to be prevented.

There were many other subjects for the comments and a full list is here.

All of these will be considered in the forming of a full parish survey that will be used to gather the views of everyone before any policies are considered.

If you have any further suggestions or comments or perhaps you were unable to make it to the launch event and want to have your say, then….



You can also attend the next WNPPG meeting on 4th Dec at 7.30 in the School Hall which will include a discussion of a draft Issues and Options document being produced by our planning consultants (Kirkwells) based on the comments provided at the Launch event and since. A final version of this document will be used as the basis for the next consultation with all Warmington residents.