Regulation 16 Results and Examination

This formal consultation has been carried out by East Northants Council (ENC).

In the first instance the Warmington Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) was checked to ensure it complied with the basic legal requirements for the making of a Neighbourhood Plan. The response to this check which was successful is here.

ENC then sent the Plan to a wide range of local and national bodies.

The responses to the full 6 week long Regulation 16 consultation comprise 98 pages of comments and objections which can be found here.

Following on from this consultation the Plan has proceeded to the Examination stage where it is scrutinised by an independent planning inspector to ensure that it complies with all existing planning legislation and that all comments and objections have been taken into account.

The Examiner’s initial comments and requests for clarifications can be found here.

The WNPPG/WPC response to the Examiner’s comments and requests are here.

The ENC response to the Examiner can be found here.