Planning Policies
The Neighbourhood Plan has to take into account all planning policies from District, County and National planning authorities. Most of these documents are lengthy and can be quite bewildering if you are unfamiliar with planning matters, however there is a summary of all the relevant extracts from all these documents which has been prepared for our Neighbourhood Plan here:

If you want to refer to the full texts of any of the source documents you can do so here.

  •  Planning Documents
    • the National, County and District documents that are relevant to Warmington

Other data
The statistical information about the parish derived from the 2011 Census has been compiled into a summary document as a guide for strategic planning. Some elements may be relevant to the making of our Neighbourhood Plan.

  • 2011 Census Report
    • a report of the 2011 Census for Warmington which gives an insight into the demographics of the Parish.

Documents specific to the WNPPG set up by the PC to help make our Neighbourhood Plan can be accessed here.

  • Terms of Reference
    • the Terms of Reference set by the PC for the WNPPG
  • Agendas and Minutes
    • the Agendas and Minutes of all the WNPPG meetings to date
  • Scope document
    • this is the document that set out what the Neighbourhood Plan might cover before the WNPPG was set up by the PC