This page has links to a number of maps that are relevant to planning policies that affect Warmington.

  • Street map of the village October 2017
  • Flood zone map – a map of the medium to high flood zones near the village
  • Heritage map – a map of the listed buildings, monuments and parkland in the village
  • Habitats map – a map from Defra with landscape areas marked (not well defined…)
  • Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area map – find out more about thisĀ here
  • SettlementĀ map – a map of possible development sites submitted to ENC by land owners, the village boundary, protected open spaces and recreation and leisure land.
  • Gravel map – the ‘Elton Extension’ page from the Northants Minerals and Waste Plan
    • Site assessment map – how the gravel site was assessed
    • Area minerals map – of the Oundle to Warmington area with legend
    • Warmington minerals map – an enlarged portion of the above without legend
  • 1958 map of the village and surrounding area