Post Regulation 14 WNP

This page contains links to the full Post Regulation 14 version of the WNP and the supporting documentation, this is the final version of the WNP produced by the WNPPG and approved by the PC for submission to ENC together with supporting documents. ENC then take responsibility for the progress of the plan through further consultation (Regulation 16) and examination by a Planning Inspector before the plan can be put to a local Referendum. The plan may be amended if it is found to be not in compliance with other relevant plans and laws.

Warmington Neighbourhood Plan
The full plan including the Aspirations and Design Code Appendices, this version contains multiple links to other documents referred to within the text.

Supporting Documents
The Basic Conditions Statement and the Consultation Statement which provide a summary of the process and evidence that underpin the WNP together with the Regulation 14 Comments and Responses.