The Warmington Neighbourhood Plan Project Group has 9 formal members and will use other volunteers within working groups. The initial committee was formed by the WPC and four further volunteers have also committed to helping as full members. Others within the village have also offered to help and it is hoped to use their expertise in addition to the formal members within working groups. The WNPPG is also supported by the Clerk to the PC and a Planning Consultant:

Nigel Rudd      PC representative .  Chairman

Jo Simpson      PC representative .     Landowner identification

Steve Wallis    PC representative .    Social Media

Nikki Howard PC representative.

Paul Stamper       Co-opted volunteer .     Village Design Statement, Conservation Area

Steve Cheeseman . Co-opted volunteer .  Admin, Website, Greenway

Paul Pateman . Volunteer       FiveAll and other news outlets

John Godsland .  Volunteer     Coordination with village website, social media

Judy Stroud .   Volunteer .   Environment


Claire Bradley .   Planning Consultant (Kirkwells)

Sarah Rodger .    Clerk to PC