The Plan has now been examined by a Planning Inspector and he has recommended that it proceed to Referendum after being amended. The Examiner’s full report is here.

The amendments to the Plan make some significant changes to Policies within the Plan to ensure that they are legally sound in planning terms. The essence of most of the Policies remain the same but the wording has changed. A summary of the changes showing the old and new versions of the Policies and Aspirations together with the important text changes  and revised Local Green Space and Other Local Space designations within the Plan is here.

One proposed Local Green Space (LGS) and one other Local Open Space that the community considered important were reduced in size as the result of objections at Regulation 16, these are discussed in the Examiner’s report and documented in full in the Regulation 16 Comments and Objections.¬†The Parish Council’s responses to the Examiner about the Regulation 16 Objections which he considered before making his final report are here.

The Plan has now been updated to include the required amendments and is published here.

The Parish Council has met and accepted this Plan which will now be put to a Referendum which will be run by ENC and will take place on 24th October.

The ENC pages that show the status of the Plan are here.