Regulation 14

This page contains links to all the information for the Regulation 14 Consultation for the Warmington Neighbourhood Plan which will run from 25th January 2019 until 8th March 2019. The Regulation 14 consultation is the first Statutory consultation and the Plan is sent to a variety of organisations that may want to comment. The list of consultees is provided by ENC. If you wish to comment on this version of the Plan you can do so using the links below, the preferred method is by use of the online comments form.

Letter to consultees

Comments form – online    –  use this one to respond online

Comments form – written   –  for posting or scanning and emailing

Warmington Neighbourhood Plan with All Appendices (154 pages)

Warmington Neighbourhood Plan – Main Part (36 pages)    –  the main plan

WNP Appendix 1- Aspirations (3 pages)

WNP Appendix 2-Design Code (5 pages)

WNP Appendix3-Part 1- Survey Report (21 pages)   –  the main report

WNP Appendix 3-Part2-Survey Comments(89 pages)  –  all the comments

Evidence Page   –   Open Spaces, Views, Verges, Screenings