29th January – Consultation Update

The WNPPG has been working with our consultants (Kirkwells) to produce a consultation document that will be circulated to all households to gather comments and opinions on the planning issues that have been identified (so far) in being important to parishioners. The consultation document will contain a summary of background information, the issues, and a number of options to decide what direction the WNP should take. This will be backed up with further information on this website and with a series of public meetings during the consultation period which should be from early March to mid April. Further information about this consultation will be appearing during February, both on this website and through other means……

Are you a business in Warmington?

We are planning to hold three consultation meetings with as many representatives from local businesses as possible early in 2018 so that we can take into account your requirements within the WNP.

This includes self employed and home workers

So if you are a local business that has anything to do with Warmington please get in touch with us and let us know how to contact you – preferably by email – we will then contact you with details of these meetings with the hope that you can attend at least one of them

8th Dec – Progress

Our consultants have now produced the first drafts of 2 documents. One provides a summary of all the planning polices and plans that the WNP has to take note of by extracting the elements of these documents that apply to Warmington. This is a reference document only.

The other is an ‘Issues and Options’ document which will eventually be sent to all households and businesses with an interest in Warmington to enable a more in depth cross section of community opinion to be sought so that the WNP can be formed with a vision and policies that truly reflect what the community wants.

These documents were both discussed at the WNPPG meeting on the 4th Dec and as a result it is hoped to have a round table discussion with the consultants to produce a more focussed draft of the Issues and Options document for consideration at the next WNPPG meeting.

The documents are available on the Documents page. If you want to comment or contribute to these then please do so by email to

9th Oct – Launch Event – Thank You

Thanks to all the 160+ people who visited the launch event in the church over the weekend, we hope you will spread the word to get as many of the rest of the community involved as possible.

There are some photos of the event here.

Please remember that as well as the ‘post it’ note comments made at the event you can also comment by email to

All comments will have personal data and identifiers removed and will help form the basis for further community consultations by survey and meetings to ensure that the plan policies can best reflect what everyone wants.