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This page gives direct access to the online surveys and all information about the consultation, if you have not read your booklet yet please go to the main consultation pages first to get some idea of what is happening. If you have not received a booklet and live in the parish or you want to make a comment about the consultation then please contact us at

The main survey booklet (18 pages) and a shorter answer sheet (5 pages) are also available to download and view/print if you want an extra person in your house to fill in a paper copy – the short answer sheet just has the questions and answer spaces and is only 5 pages long – use the booklet you were given or view it online and use the short answer sheet to mark the answers – it saves you paper and printing

The background information sheets and the introduction page are available here:

There is also information about The Red Kite Trails for families who want to find out more about the parish and the village.

For a complete summary of the planning policies affecting Warmington read this:

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