First Draft WNP Comment and Questionnaires

The First Draft WNP and appendices are available here together with the core Planning Documents that the plan has to take note of.

An explanation of how the plan evolved and how it is constructed is here.

If you have comments about the WNP then you can  email them to us but we also hope that you can spare the time to complete the online questionnaires about the plan and the open spaces and views that you value and would like to protect.

QUESTIONNAIRES – click the titles to open each one…..

Policies  This questionnaire just asks Yes/No questions about whether you support the draft Policies in the plan – it should not take long to do and you can refer to the plan itself if you need any more details. If you’ve only got time to do one survey then please do this one.
Landscape Views  This is a very short questionnaire that asks about the most popular landscape views that were raised as deserving protection during the Community Survey
Spaces  This is a longer questionnaire that seeks your input to provide more evidence to support the protection of the green and open spaces in and around the village. There’s quite a lot of these but we need evidence of why they are valued so that we can include those that deserve protection in the WNP. Please look at Appendix 3 to the WNP for more information on each space.
Aspirations  This is a simple Yes/No questionnaire about the Aspirations in the Plan.