In June 2017 Warmington Parish Council (WPC) applied to East Northants Council (ENC) for the Parish to become a Neighbourhood Area under the Localism Act 2011. This application was approved on 8 August 2017 allowing the WPC to begin to make a Neighbourhood Plan.

A quick 2 minute video introduction to what a neighbourhood plan is can be found here

This allows the community to make decisions about what development takes place within the area by writing a Neighbourhood Plan which is a statutory legal document that forms part of  ENC Planning Policy.

To facilitate the process of making the Warmington Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) the WPC formed a sub-committee called the Warmington Neighbourhood Plan Project Group (WNPPG). The function of this group is to steer the community through the plan process. It is important that the community and not the WPC has the biggest input to the plan and there are legal safeguards to ensure this happens in the form of mandatory surveys, consultations, inspections and a final referendum that has to approve the plan before it becomes a legal part of planning policy.

The WNPPG initially has 5 members, 3 from the PC and 2 co-opted from the village but it requires people from the wider community to join and to help with working groups to gather information and put the plan together. Professional consultants will also be used to ensure the surveys are legitimate and that the policies fit within the existing planning framework.

We really need VOLUNTEERS from the community to help either as members of the WNPPG or to contribute to working groups about a particular area of the plan, so if you want to help and/or have specialist knowledge then please get in touch.