WNP Policies and Design Code Help

This trial page offers some tools to help anyone planning to build in Warmington to comply with the Warmington Neighbourhood Plan(WNP) and its Design Code.

The WNP Policies
There are 12 WNP Policies, not all will apply to all developments, and it will be necessary to read the appropriate sections of the WNP to fully understand the intentions of the policies that apply.
Please use this summary checklist listing all the policies for some quick guidance and to evaluate any proposed development.

The Design Code
This code is part of the statutory planning policy and is enforced by Policy W3 of the Warmington Neighbourhood Plan:

Policy W3: Design Code for Warmington
Development proposals will be supported where they comply with the Design Code at Appendix 2 to this Plan.

Where practicable to the scale and nature of individual proposals, all new development should achieve net enhancements to the character of the village. 

Design Code Guides and Tools
These guides provide summaries of the requirements for each type of development to help designers to ensure that each requirement of the Code is considered during the development of plans. They provide a tabulated set of requirements with examples. Associated interactive forms can be used to check compliance or explain where compromises may have to be made.