Survey Results – Initial Report

The results of the Community Consultation Survey are being processed by the members of the WNPPG. The initial results from the ‘tick box’ questions are presented in Part 1 of the report which is available below. Part 2 contains the answers to the textual questions along with comments that were added to many surveys. All these answers and comments have been ‘moderated’ to remove any reference to individuals (by name or job), or specific addresses/houses whilst trying to preserve the sense of the answer/comment. One comment was removed as it was considered offensive and not relevant to the WNP in any way. All of these ‘redactions’ are clearly indicated by [xxxx] within the text, any additions to maintain the sense of the answer/comment are also marked in a similar way eg [Warmington] would indicate the site mentioned but redacted was in Warmington.

A final report which will include analysis of the textual answers and comments will follow but the WNPPG felt it was important to get the survey data published as soon as possible whilst we continue to work on extracting data from the text answers and comments.

There is no attempt at this stage to interpret the results (although some are quite clear) , this will be done in conjunction with our consultants after the final report is available.

A link to the original Community Consultation Survey Page is also below for reference – this gives access to the written versions of the survey and the supporting documents but the links to the online surveys will not be effective as the surveys have closed.

Survey Report Part1

Survey Report Part2

Community Consultation Survey Page